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During the checkout process you will be asked how you wish to pay. We accept debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. Please email sales@my-history.co.uk or speak to the Office Manager, Sharon for further advice.

If you choose to pay by credit card you will be provided with a screen from Clear Accept Payments on a secure server where you may enter your credit card details with confidence. These details are held securely by the bank and will not even be released to My History, thus ensuring total security. If you prefer you may also choose for My History to phone you for your credit card details.

Payment Security
The My History website uses the SSL (padlock) security feature so any detail we hold about our customers is taken very seriously. As for debit and credit card details, all payments are handled by our bank who operate a PCI DSS-compliant payment gateway. Please note with the introduction of SCA (strong customer authentication) in May 2022 customers will now need to register with their card provider either to receive a text message to authenticate their payment or order a device to use their card to create a code. Once this has been done once most card providers will then allow you to allow our website to be a trusted shopping site for you, negating the need to do this every time you shop.

Accounts are purely optional for ordering with My History Ltd and can only be created at the point of checkout. These accounts do not hold payment information, purely address and order history.

My History does not store or even have sight of any credit card details apart from the order ref., name and amount keyed by customers online.

Our shopping site software 'Sellerdeck' is produced by Sellerdeck Ltd a reputable software company based in the UK who state the following:
"The combination of SellerDeck with a PCI DSS-compliant payment gateway provides a very high level of security, and ensures that the critical risk, the theft of card payment data, is completely eliminated."

For the full text of the Sellerdeck security applicable to our site please visit www.sellerdeck.co.uk

* This is the most economic way for us to receive your money where the banks get the smallest cut from the payment.

# This is the most expensive way for us to receive your money where the banks get a much larger portion of the payment.