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How to Create and Save your Chart as a PDF file

How to Create and Save your Chart as a PDF file

PDF documents in their simplest form are just images of documents that may be read by a universal reader such as Adobe Reader. If you click on one of the links below where we tell you how to create a PDF you may notice that our instruction sheets are sent to your browser in the PDF format.

Converting a family tree diagram into a PDF document is relatively straight forward and it enables you to give us a file that will look just the same when it is printed as it does on your screen. The only limitation for a PDF document is its length cannot exceed 3.5 metres (about 12 feet).

Important - Before you upload your chart or send it to us please make sure that it is a single page PDF. Scroll down for instructions if you require help creating a PDF.

If you already have your chart designed and saved as a PDF then there are three ways that you can get a price for printing:

1) Just upload your PDF to our Chart Generator and our system will determine the dimensions and suggest to you a suitable print size along with prices for printing on 90gram light duty paper, 120 gram medium wieght paper or 170 gram heavy weight paper or canvas. Visit charting.myhistory.co.uk for your instant quote and order link. 20% discount applies.

2) Upload your chart for our staff to check manually upload it now and we will send you an email suggesting what size of paper would be best and we will direct you to the correct product to order on our website.

3) If you have already determined the dimensions of your PDF document then you are welcome to just go ahead and place your order.

We should be able to despatch your order to you the within one working day of receiving your PDF.

If you are unsure about how to save your chart in the PDF format then please click on a link below for instructions.

Creating a PDF from your PC Software

If your program is not mentioned above and you need help please contact us as we have access to many other programs and will we will be happy to let you have instructions. sales@my-history.co.uk

Don't want to do all this yourself?

If you would prefer us to design your chart for you using the data file from your favourite family tree program or a gedcom file then we will be happy to do this.

For more information please email us: charts@my-history.co.uk

Alternatively telephone: 01302 288722 to discuss your requirements.